Monday, October 11, 2010

Watch Jackass 3D Movie Online Free

Watch Jackass 3D Movie Online Free. Jackass 3D, also known as Jackass Number 3 is an upcoming 3-D film of the Jackass series. In December 2009, Paramount Pictures and MTV Films announced an October 15, 2010 release. The movie will mark the 10th anniversary of the franchise, started in 2000.One of the stunts Bam Margera stated he intended to film was entitled The Worst Wake-up in the World in which himself and Ryan Dunn would wake up Bam's fellow friend Brandon Novak with Defibrillators, then urinate onto his face, throw flour on him to cake the urine, punch him in each eye, and then release six vampire bats into the room, and lock the door.According to, a stunt called The Heli-cockter has also been filmed and shown to Paramount executives in its 3D format to greenlight the project. Chris Pontius tethered a remote control-operated helicopter from his penis, and grinned while he swung it around.
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