Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Watch Limitless Movie Online Free

Watch Limitless Movie Online Free. Limitless is a 2011 American action thriller film directed by Neil Burger and starring Bradley Cooper, Abbie Cornish, and Robert De Niro. It is based on the 2001 novel The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn with the screenplay by Leslie Dixon. Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro star in Limitless, a paranoia-fueled action thriller about an unpublished writer whose life is transformed by a top-secret “smart drug” that allows him to use 100% of his brain and become a perfect version of himself. His enhanced abilities soon attract shadowy forces that threaten his new life in this darkly comic and provocative film. Aspiring author Eddie Morra as Cooper is suffering from chronic writer’s block, but his life changes instantly when an old friend introduces him to NZT, a revolutionary new pharmaceutical that allows him to tap his full potential. With every synapse crackling, Eddie can recall everything he has ever read, seen or heard, learn any language in a day, comprehend complex equations and beguile anyone he meets as long as he keeps taking the untested drug.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Watch Paul Movie Online Free

Watch Paul Movie Online Free. Paul is a 2011 science fiction comedy film directed by Greg Mottola and starring an ensemble cast headed by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. It was also written by Frost and Pegg. The film received generally postive reviews. It was the UK's No.1 box office hit in its first week, surpassing Gnomeo and Juliet. For the past 60 years, an alien named Paul has been hanging out at a top-secret military base. For reasons unknown, the space-traveling smart ass decides to escape the compound and hop on the first vehicle out of town a rented RV containing Earthlings Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings. Chased by federal agents and the fanatical father of a young woman that they accidentally kidnap, Graeme and Clive hatch a fumbling escape plan to return Paul to his mother ship. And, as two nerds struggle to help, one little green man might just take his fellow outcasts from misfits to intergalactic heroes.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Watch The Roommate Movie Online Free

Watch The Roommate Movie Online Free. The Roommate is an upcoming 2011 thriller film, directed by Christian E. Christiansen and starring Minka Kelly, Danneel Harris, Leighton Meester, Cam Gigandet and Alyson Michalka. A college freshman, Sara played by Minka Kelly, is randomly assigned to a dorm with a stranger named Rebecca played by Leighton Meester. They start off as friends, but things turn deadly as Rebecca begins to obsess over Sara. College student Sara finds her safety jeopardized after she's assigned to a dorm room with a new roommate, Rebecca.

Watch Sanctum Movie Online Free

Watch Sanctum Movie Online Free. Sanctum is an upcoming 3D action thriller film. The film is due to be released in Australia on February 3, 2011 and on February 4, 2011 in the United States. It is directed by Alister Grierson produced by James Cameron, follows a team of underwater cave divers on a treacherous expedition to the largest, most beautiful and least accessible cave system on Earth. When a tropical storm forces them deep into the caverns, they must fight raging water, deadly terrain and creeping panic as they search for an unknown escape route to the sea. Master diver Frank McGuire as Richard Roxburgh has explored the South Pacific's Esa-ala Caves for months. But when his exit is cut off in a flash flood, Frank's team including 17 year old son Josh as Rhys Wakefield and financier Carl Hurley as Ioan Gruffudd are forced to radically alter plans. With dwindling supplies, the crew must navigate an underwater labyrinth to make it out.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Watch No Strings Attached Movie Online Free

Watch No Strings Attached Movie Online Free. No Strings Attached is an upcoming American romantic comedy film directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. A guy and girl try to keep their relationship strictly physical, but it's not long before they learn that they want something more. The film centers on two people, one of whom is a doctor, trying to have an emotionally free sexual relationship, only to have a revelation of wanting more. The film is being distributed by Paramount Pictures the film was originally planned to be released through DreamWorks, before that studio severed its ties with Paramount, who retained the rights to this title, and is scheduled to be released on January 21, 2011. The film is going to be released in the UK on February 11, 2011.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Watch The Dilemma Movie Online Free

Watch The Dilemma Movie Online Free. The Dilemma is a 2011 American comedy film starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. The film is directed by Ron Howard and was filmed entirely in Chicago, Illinois. The first trailer for the film received complaints for a line that used the word "gay" negatively. The line was removed from the trailer but kept in the film. The Dilemma will be released by Universal Pictures in the United States and Canada on January 14, 2011. Since college, confirmed bachelor Ronny and happily married Nick have been through thick and thin. Now partners in an auto design firm, the two pals are vying to land a dream project that would launch their company. With Ronny's girlfriend, Beth, and Nick's wife, Geneva, by their sides, they're unbeatable. But, Ronny's world is turned upside down when he inadvertently sees Geneva out with another man and makes it his mission to get answers. As the amateur investigation dissolves his world into comic mayhem, he learns that Nick has a few secrets of his own. Now, with the clock ticking and pressure mounting on the biggest presentation of their careers, Ronny must decide how and when he will reveal the truth to his best friend.

Watch The Green Hornet Movie Online Free

Watch The Green Hornet Movie Online Free. The Green Hornet is an upcoming 2011 superhero film, based on the character of the same name that had originated in a 1930s radio program and has appeared in movie serials, a television series, comic books and other media. Directed by Michel Gondry, the film stars Seth Rogen, who co-wrote the screenplay with Evan Goldberg. Supporting actors include Jay Chou as Kato, Christoph Waltz, Cameron Diaz, Edward Furlong, Edward James Olmos, David Harbour and Tom Wilkinson. Britt Reid played by Seth Rogen, son and heir to Los Angeles' largest newspaper fortune, is a rich, spoiled playboy who has been happy to maintain a direction-less existence. When his father James Reid played by Tom Wilkinson mysteriously dies, Britt meets an impressive and resourceful company employee, Kato played by Jay Chou. They realize that they have the resources to do something worthwhile with their lives and finally step out of James Reid's shadow. Kato builds the ultimate weapon, The Black Beauty, an indestructible car with every weapon and gadget imaginable and Britt decides that in order to be heroes, they will pose as villains. With the help of Britt's new secretary, Lenore Case played by Cameron Diaz, they learn that the chief criminal in the city is named Benjamin Chudnofsky played by Christoph Waltz. He has united all the gangs under his power, and he quickly sees that the Green Hornet is a direct threat to the prosperous criminal underworld he controls. Directed by Michel Gondry.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Watch Season of the Witch Movie Online Free

Watch Season of the Witch Movie Online Free. In the supernatural thriller Season of the Witch, Nicolas Cage stars as a 14th century Crusader who returns with his comrade Ron Perlman to a homeland devastated by the Black Plague. A beleaguered church, deeming sorcery the culprit of the plague, commands the two knights to transport an accused witch Claire Foy to a remote abbey, where monks will perform a ritual in hopes of ending the pestilence. A priest Stephen Campbell Moore, a grieving knight Ulrich Thomsen, an itinerant swindler Stephen Graham and a headstrong youth who can only dream of becoming a knight Robert Sheehan join a mission troubled by mythically hostile wilderness and fierce contention over the fate of the girl. When the embattled party arrives at the abbey, a horrific discovery jeopardizes the knight's pledge to ensure the girl fair treatment, and pits them against an inexplicably powerful and destructive force.